"Remember that the nature of thought is pure energy, so it flows. Use thought wisely - let negative thoughts flow out of your mind. Then your natural well-being will rise to the surface"

 Elsie Spittle 

As an intuitive coach, I understand the journey we need to take in order to live our lives from a place of consciousness, inner wisdom and innate wellness. I have witnessed both in my own journey and those of many others, that this path is truly transformative. In fact, if you are looking for an a fulfilling experience of life, a deep dive inward is key.  

I have been on a personal journey of self-discovery and healing since my late teens. Having experienced my own personal addiction, depression, overcoming diabetes and other general life challenges, I have developed a deep understanding and passion to support others on their journeys.

With my unconditional support  and encouragement we will explore your inner world to learn what limiting thoughts and beliefs are holding  you back from living your full potential. 

Whether it is relationships, building a spiritual practice, the challenges of parenthood, your career, weight, mental well-being, or something else, please contact me for a free taster session to find out how I can help you create your best life.

What I offer

I offer one-on-one coaching sessions. These can be face-to-face,  by phone or using videoconferencing software (Skype, Zoom). We will start with an intake session, in which we explore the reasons you have embarked on coaching, how I work and a time for you to ask me any questions. The duration of our work together depends on each individual, but is usually at least eight sessions to maximize their effect.

As a client, I will meet you where you are and welcome all parts of you. Working intuitively and through gentle exploration, we will identify helpful and unhelpful thought and behavioral patterns that hinder you. You will learn the art of living beyond your thoughts and connecting to your constant presence of wellness. Coaching will help you access your full potential, activate your spiritual power, heal any trauma and make transformational changes.

My spiritual understanding and open heart underlies my passion to help you manage your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. I will help you to explore what works for you to live with healthy boundaries beyond your perceived limitations, and  will equip you with valuable tools, from having a constructive daily practice, to mediation, gratitude writing and creative exercises that take you deeper into your truth. 

Some examples of how Life Coaching can help you


Whether it maintaining healthy personal or professional relationships or feeling worthy enough to go for the job you want. Building and strengthening your self-worth and tenacity.

Planning strategies for positive life and career growth, centred around attainable and achievable goals.

Personal Growth

Finding your voice and values. Nurturing and expressing creativity and individuality. Being the best you can be.

Work-Life Balance

Developing the tools to carve out extra time and space to reset, indulge, and be present. Rethinking and rebalancing thoughts and expectations.


Improving channels of communication to transform your relationships - both with the self and others.


Identify, understand and address underlying stressors to restore equilibrium and sense of well-being.


Why Life Coaching 

Life Coaching is a solution-focused approach to personal growth and development, designed to transform the lives of clients through implementing lasting positive changes. The relationship between a Life Coach and client is completely unique; offering a synergistic and non-judgemental space for dynamic, strategic discussion tailored to the individual's personal situation. 

InsideOut Coaching is the unique intuitive coaching practice founded by London-based Life Coach, Marisa Bull. Providing unconditional support and sincerity, Marisa offers a highly bespoke 1-to-1 offering, designed to help clients discover and tune into their intuition, nurture measurable and achievable goals, and take positive accountability for their own actions.


"Nurturing yourself is not selfish - it is essential to your survival and well-being"

Renee Peterson Trudeau

Meet Marisa

I originally trained in Pychosynthesis psychotherapy, and thereafter became interested in the dynamic nature of Life Coaching. Since 2007 I have run an intuitive Life Coaching practice, combining my understanding of how our past experiences can influence the present with my natural ability to guide individuals into a place of innate wellness.

Over the years, I have become fascinated by how our thought systems influence our everyday lives, and have been inspired by the profound insights of Sydney Banks, the 3 Principles founder. This allows us to live from a place where our thoughts are not controlling our actions or how we feeling.

I also organize and facilitate community women circles together with Deena Wiseman, that are supportive spaces to share consciously and openly. In addition, we organize wellness events with different speakers from around the world which are held throughout the year.

"The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well"



I truly feel that I have been blessed to be able to work with Marisa over the years. Her attention and thoughtfulness have consistently provided me with those all-important moments of clarity, helping me continue on towards the next step in my life’s journey. Her patience and humor have encouraged me to let go of my fears and I have always felt safe and comfortable with her while exploring my emotions. I have recommended her to my friends and will wholeheartedly continue to do so!

— Amy, The Netherlands

I really appreciate my coaching conversations with Marisa. Her approach is refreshingly simple and perceptive, and gives me the tools to see more clearly and make positive change. She has helped me realise that by making subtle shifts in perception I can dramatically alter my outlook on life – and my experience of it – for the better. Marisa is an open, warm and wise coach, and teams this with energy, practicality and a sense of humour.  

— Anonymous, UK



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